American Hardwood Floors

Hardwood Floor Removal and Repair for Ventura

Often when existing or old floor is removed to prep for a new floor installation, subfloor damage may be present which requires repair before the new installation can proceed. Subfloor in older homes is typically fir wood, or douglas fir wood. In most newer homes, plywood is the most common subfloor material.

When damage is present in the subfloor the damaged material is removed and new replacement plywood is dropped in its place. Plywood can be accurately matched to fir wood so you don't need to be concerned and mixing plywood with older fir woods. Damage to the floor joist is not common but these support joists can be replaced by American Hardwood Floors when necessary.

Damage to Hardwood Floor

Water damage is one of the most common causes of floor replacement, this is true in Ventura and throughout Southern California. If significant water damage is present, the damaged flooring and subflooring will require removal and replacement. In cases of wood which is 60 or more years old it can be challenging to match new flooring with existing wood.

In these instances, flooring may be extracted from a non critical or unseen area such as a closet. The aged closet wood is pulled and then used to match the area of flooring which will be highly visible. Then new wood can be replaced in the closet area which is less likely to be seen regularly. A skilled floorman will be able to match tiles so that there is no visible mis-match. If you have a decades old floor please contact me to discuss your replacement options.

Tile Removal and Disposal

Upon request I will perform some tile installation including entry ways and I have significant experience working with tiles, but ceramic tile installation is not offered at this time by American Hardwood Floors of Ventura.
Tiles are typically custom cut and configured at angles to best suit the room in which the tiles are installed. Offset tiles provide a unique atmosphere and I'll often adjust the angle of each tile or provide a specialized appearance.

Tile removal, carpet removal, and old floor removal are all available. I provide tile removal, particle board removal, tile tear outs, old floor removal, bathroom subfloor repair, and removal of all old home materials. I can expertly provide an all-in-one solution for removing your existing flooring setup and provide you with a new hardwood floor.