American Hardwood Floors

A New Perspective on Style

by American Hardwood Floors - Ventura, California Hardwood Flooring Specialists

Hardwood Flooring Style

Color is all about what appeals to you.  There is no wrong answer.  With several colors ranging from whites to golden brown, to dark colors such as coffee, you can choose a flor color to coordinate, complement, or contrast with cabinetry, furniture, and other elements of your decor.

The width of each wood plank can changethe look of your floor dramatically.  Narrow 3-inch wood planks create a traditional hardwood floor appearance.  5-inch wide planks are one of the most popular and fashionable looks in hardwood flooring by reducing the amount of lines that break up a room.  Wide planks create a sense of openness and space for richer, more sophisticated wood flooring styles that elevates any decor.

Wood Finish Gloss Level

The gloss level of the floor is also a key style choice.  Traditional high gloss finish provides a look that is formal.  The high gloss shows dust more than other wood finish types, and as a result high gloss wood floors require more cleaning to preserve the glossy appearance.

Semi-gloss wood finish provides wood flooring with a more casual and contemporary look.  Hardwood floors finished in a semi-gloss finish will take longer to show dust, and as a result they require less cleaning to preserve an excellent apperance.