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Ventura Hardwood Floor Resanding and Refinishing

by American Hardwood Floors - Ventura, California Hardwood Flooring Specialists

Ventura Hardwood Floor Resanding and Refinishing


Preparation is the first step of the sanding process.  All nails and staples above the floor are set or removed.  Nails can severely damage the sanding machines.  Some brands or types of adhesives which have been used to secure coverings may need to be removed such as carpet pad, vinyl, or tile.


The first sanding is done with coarse-grit paper to remove old coatings and to make the floor flat.  At this point, wood filler is used to fix holes or cracks in the hardwood floor.  Following the wood filler treatment, another round of sanding is done to sand off the wood filler.  The areas that can’t be sanded by the machine are done with the edger at the same paper grit.


The final floor sanding is done with a fine grit paper to close the wood grain which gives the hardwood floor its smooth texture and appearance.  If the hardwood floor is going to be stained additional wood preparation is required.


The next segment of the floor refinishing process is to apply the finish.  Polyurethane finish, oil finish, or water-based finish will be used.  The oil-based polyurethane finish is the most commonly used finish due to its high durability, better resistance to cracking, and ability to expand and contract with wooden floor panels better than other types of finish.  Swedish finish is an alcohol based varnish which is very durable.  Swedish finish is not commonly used in the United States.


Three coats of finish are recommended when refinishing a hardwood floor.  The three most common types of finishing stains are satin, semi gloss, or high gloss.  Satin is the most transparent, semi gloss adds a subtle shine, and high gloss adds a very noticeable shine.